PM Modi talks to J&K’s pencil slat factory owner Manzoor Ahmed in 100th episode of Mann ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has mentioned Manzoor Ahmed of Jammu & Kashmir in Mann ki Baat programme’s 100th episode. Manzoor Ahmed’s Pencil slat factory caught the attention of the PM. Pencil slats are the wooden component used by pencil manufacturers to make pencils. After PM’s acknowledgement in Mann ki Baat, Manzoor says his work has increased resulting in increased employment for others. Currently, Manzoor has 200 plus employees working for him. Manzoor is trying to expand his pencil slat business so that 100 more people can be given employment. The PM reminded Manzoor how earlier he had complained about his work not being recognised and the pain he felt because of it. But now you are being recognised and are able to provide employment opportunities for more than 200 people, PM said to Manzoor via telephonic interaction. Manzoor told the PM how the farmers have also benefitted from the pencil slat factory. They used to sell trees for Rs 2000, now they are selling it for Rs 5000. The demand has increased so much, Manzoor pointed out to the PM. To meet the demand, the local unemployed youth in nearby villages can be appointed in the factory, Manzoor said. The PM said that there is awesome strength in being ‘Vocal for local’. The PM extended his best wishes to all the farmers, and colleagues in Manzoor’s pencil slat factory.

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