PM Modi inaugurates India’s new Parliament building, says liberated motherland needs a new life

India’s new Parliament building was inaugurated on May 28, 2023 by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the presence of sadhus and chanting of sanskrit verses. It is a new home of our hopes. A home for those who take care of our constitution where one hundred and forty crore Indians are one family. This Parliament is so big that every province, state, village and city of the country from every corner is represented, said the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. India is not just a democracy but also the mother of democracy. India is also a big base of global democracy. Democracy is not just a system. It is a culture, a thought, a tradition. If there is any best representative of this resolution then it is our Parliament. This Parliament proclaims the rich culture it represents, said PM Modi. The one who stops, his luck also stops, said PM Narendra Modi. But the fate of the one who keeps moving forward touches the heights. In this Amrit Kal, the liberated motherland needs a new life, said the Prime Minister. मुक्त मातृभूमि को, नवीन मान चाहिए। नवीन पर्व के लिए, नवीन प्राण चाहिए।। मुक्त गीत हो रहा, नवीन राग चाहिए। नवीन पर्व के लिए, नवीन प्राण चाहिए।।

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