Pink Polling: Empowering Women’s Votes

The Pink Polling Stations in Srinagar gears up for an inclusive and empowering voting experience. The purpose is to focus on women’s participation in democracy. The mission is to ensure that every voice is heard & every vote counts. Over the past month, District Administration under the guidance of ECI has tirelessly worked to reach every nook and corner of Srinagar rallying support and advocating for voter engagement. At the core of this mission lies the belief that the participation of women in the electoral process is not just significant but imperative. The Pink Polling Station serves as a beacon of empowerment, symbolising the pivotal role women play in shaping the democratic fabric of our nation. ‘As we rally the ladies to cast their votes on the auspicious date of May 13th, we extend a warm invitation to all, irrespective of gender, to join us in this democratic endeavor. Each vote cast is a step towards progress, a testament to the collective strength of our democracy’, tells DC Srinagar. So, to the women of Srinagar and beyond the District Administration along with ECI urge all to seize this opportunity to make their voices heard. To stand tall and proud as active participants in shaping the future of India.Pink Polling: Empowering Women’s Votes.

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