Pilgrims get emotional after Baba Bholenath’s darshan in Kashmir

We have come here to assemble in the morning Aarti. We had thought we would not be able to reach today. But with the blessings of Baba Amarnath, we reached the shrine cave. We have so much attachment for Baba in our hearts that we do not want to leave. Baba’s blessings may always be with us. We do not ask for anything else, said a middle aged female pilgrim getting emotional after the darshan. Sharing his experience at the cave, a pilgrim said, every time Bholenath has given us with an open heart. He has given to all of us. We believe in him. Standing in front of the cave, it seems that in reality Bhole Baba is giving darshan and we are getting blessed. When we reach our homes, then we feel ourselves moving ahead at twice the speed. All the passengers are requested to follow the system which has been made for coming, going, staying, eating and drinking. We never had a problem in the yatra. We are feeling a little better every year, said a frequent visitor to Amarnath. This time Shivji is seen with Ma Parvati and this form is amazing. To see this, God has called us in person. That’s why we’ve come this far from Bangalore, said a pilgrim coming from the south. We loved the darshan, our life has been blessed. We never expected to see such visions. Pilgrims get emotional after Baba’s darshan. We did not know that evening Aarti takes place. We did darshan twice and had prasad and participated in the morning and evening Aarti. It was such a good experience, said devotees with their hearts filled with emotions.

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