Pilgrims from California find the organisation of Amarnath yatra flawless

We had been planning for many years to come for this yatra, said two international pilgrims from California. We feel incredible gratitude and are very happy, said the two pilgrims from abroad. We left our homes and are staying in an ashram in California. We watch the Aarti videos everyday during the Amarnath yatra. We have been listening to stories of Shiva for forty years. It was a dream to come here. By Bholenath’s grace everything came together and we are here. It was a very important experience up to Amarnath cave. We had the visuals of Lord Shiva. It is hard to explain how we feel. It is too much. The emotions and feelings we have are seeping in gratitude and happiness to be able to come in this pilgrimage. The 2023 yatra organisation is flawless, it is so good.How the Shrine Board efficiently facilitates so many pilgrims is very impressive. There is a particular kind of peace that pervades in these hills, these mountains and in the holy cave. We hope that that kind of peace can prevail everywhere. That is our prayer, said two international pilgrims visiting Amarnath shrine.

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