Pilgrims from all over India joining the Amarnath pilgrimage with a lot of faith and belief

We have come to see Baba with our faith and belief, said devotees. We like the Shri Amarnath yatra, the atmosphere here and ‘saawan’ is about to start. We are very happy to visit Bholenath during the auspicious ‘saawan’ period. The walking trek is about to begin, we will climb up and have darshan of Bholenath. Devotees travel with great love, there is no need to create stir. Administration has a lot to contribute for the disciplined arrangements. Travel with great love. keep chanting the name of Bhole Shankar, said Amarnath visitors. It is as if Baba is in our blood, said one devotee. If we do not come to Baba, then we do not feel at ease. All the time we think about when the Amarnath Yatra will start at the earliest. The atmosphere here is great. We are having a better experience than what I heard, said a youth. Sunrise was happening when I came so it’s a nice view here. Every year is a new experience. I take a new memory home with me. The people are very nice, the atmosphere is nice, very friendly people here and very supportive, said the pilgrims. I would say that everyone should come to visit. The Amarnath yatra happens once in a year, so devotees should take time out to come for the darshan. The administration has done very well, security has been given, every person is taken care of for living, coming and going, said devotees. Military men who are protecting us are posted everywhere, at every turn. Come to Amarnath, enjoy J&K. It is such a beautiful place, there are so many beautiful valleys here, tourists on the Amarnath journey to the shrine said.

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