Painter from Pulwama qualifies for NEET 2023; did self study and hard work amid hardships

I used to do labour work in the daytime and then study from evening till midnight and early morning from 3 am till 8 am. After that I used to go for the labour work, says Umar Ahmad Ganie, NEET UG-2023 Qualifier from Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir. Day by day, this was his routine. I had decided that I will do NEET and I did hard work and that has paid off in my success at NEET, Umar Ahmad Ganie said. His journey towards gaining success in NEET has been full of hardships and difficulties. He has achieved through self study and hard work in difficult circumstances, said people known to Umar. Umar belongs to a poor family. His father and brother do labour work. Without any resources, he qualified in this mission through self study. This is a very proud moment for us, the whole village in Pulwama because such dedicated students are very few in numbers. He is not fortunate to get financial backing. Whatever he earned as labour money he used to pool in for his studies, said Umar’s acquaintances. Umar wants to give this message to the people that do hard work. Hard work never goes to waste, said the NEET qualifier from Pulwama.

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