Online Digital Services in Tangmarg, J&K Provides Convenience and Efficiency to Common Citizens

Masoora Ramzan, a Senior Computer Operator in Tangmarg, Jammu & Kashmir has been associated with the online digital service since three years. She says she has seen its benefits and the public is also getting benefitted. Earlier, every individual had to go from one office to another and yet could not get their work done. With the digital online service in action everyone has got a lot of convenience. There are two-three computer operators here who are females. We feel positive when we come here for work. I would like to give this message to every female: come out of the house for work. This work is also good. And I would like to thank my father who has supported me in every area, computer operator Masoora said. A local resident of Tangmarg, Ghulam Mohiddin Khan, said the digital online service has provided ease to people. Earlier we used to spend a lot of time going from one office to another and then too our work could not materialise. It took a lot of time to get the documents and process them. Now since digitization, everyone is benefitting as work gets done in one or two days. We are grateful to the government for bringing digitization and solving people’s problems, said the resident. A retired Master Ghulam Ahmad Shaheen said, the online digital service has helped the farmers a lot. Their whole day got wasted in visiting offices. Now they simply approach a Common Service Centre to take out the map of their land or land records or for demarcation of land, the online service has come to their aid. For students too, it is benefitting. They had to visit school, fill forms, now sitting at home they can fill the form online through mobiles. Similarly, filling out employment forms has also become easy. Here no expenses are borne by them. An entrepreneur in Kashmir, Adil Peerzada, has been associated with Digital India since the past three-four years. He says he has been benefitting and so are the common people through its services. In some cases we provide doorstep services, said the entrepreneur. The hassle of going from one office to another has reduced with the online digital service scheme.

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