NRLM empowering women through entrepreneurship

SRINAGAR, MARCH 04: Nuzhat Jan, a member of National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) and part of Farhan Self Help Group (SHG) of Pulwama supported by NRLM, is breaking barriers and showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.
Recently, Nuzhat established a stall featuring array of dry fruits and other products crafted by her SHG at the Huda Parade Ground in Panchkula, Haryana. Her stall not only displayed rich diversity of Kashmiri produce but also highlighted skill and craftsmanship nurtured within her SHG.
Despite hailing from a rural area in Pulwama, Nuzhat’s determination and commitment to her craft have transcended geographical boundaries.
Moreover, Nuzhat added a touch of Kashmiri warmth by serving the famous Kashmiri Kehwa in traditional Samovars. This cultural infusion not only refreshed taste buds but also provided a glimpse into the vibrant heritage of Kashmir.
Through her initiative, Nuzhat Jan is not just selling products but she is representing community’s resilience and transformative power of SHGs in empowering women.
The presence of Nusrat at Huda Parade Ground serves a testament to potential and capabilities of women entrepreneurs from rural areas, inspiring others to dream big and reach their goals.
Nuzhat Jan stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication and support within the NRLM in Pulwama.
For the past four years, Nuzhat has been an integral part of NRLM, initiating her livelihood journey with the help of Mission. Not only has she thrived individually, but she has also actively engaged her husband in supporting and carrying out various initiatives, amplifying the impact of their efforts.
District Programme Manager (DPM), NRLM Pulwama, Arsheed Ahmad Bhat said that Nuzhat Jan’s journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for other Self Help Group (SHG) members in the district. He remarked that her unwavering commitment and collaborative spirit have not only enabled her own growth but has also fostered a sense of empowerment among her peers.
The DPM highlighted that through her dedication and perseverance, Nuzhat exemplifies the core values of NRLM, uplifting not just herself, but also those around her in Pulwama.

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