Narcotics is a big challenge. We will fight it & save the kids of J&K

There is no doubt that Narcotics is a very big challenge. The investigations have proved it that both narcotics and terrorism are linked. These people are connected in two ways. When we found out about those people who send consignments, our investigation identified LeT, Al Badr, Mujahideen & Jaish. These people are handlers & they are also drug suppliers. The chain starts from there. There is no doubt that it comes at a price which is Rs 12 to 15 lakh at the time of arrival at the entry point. As soon as it enters inside and reaches Delhi, the price reaches till Rs 1 crore. Then it gets distributed. These days, it is distributed here too. Hard earned money is taken from people’s pockets, half of that money goes back and some is spent locally. Be it any war or terrorism, be it narco terrorism, it cannot be won without the support of local citizens. It is impossible to fight without the support of local people. Yes, the people need a law enforcement agency which is well-intentioned, capable and honest, it is there. Those who are using the Drugs are the consumers. Those who are peddling paddling have made it a business. They are buying land near Srinagar, are buying land in Jammu, are buying land at District headquarters, are buying a car or investing it in other types of businesses. We have started identifying these people separately. We will identify them district wise & our laction has started. You have seen it how Samba Police is playing a proactive role in this. I would hope that the rest of my districts, which are SSPs, are looking at the Samba thing and we would like to follow the same model sealing their homes , freezing their bank accounts, carrying out IT raids on them, accounting for their properties through the ED.

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