‘My Town My Pride’ initiative leads Shopian town on the path of progress

Attending the “My Town My Pride 2.0” programme in Shopian, Jammu & Kashmir, a middle aged resident said, “We are so proud of our town Shopian. Since the time I graduated, this is the first time that such public service facilities are being provided for the residents’. The resident recalled how they all had to face a lot of turmoil in the past. Now the town residents and the government are holding on to the path of progress which he hopes will last for a long time. The administration under Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has carried forward with success. People of Shopian support the administration. The aim of the ‘My Town, My Pride’ programme is to connect the urban areas. The administration comes to the doorsteps to hear the problems of residents and tries to resolve them, said officials. Through this initiative the government is ensuring immediate redressal of problems. Hence, this is a very good initiative, remarked Shopian locals. The ‘My Town, My Pride’ initiative is being undertaken in the whole of Jammu & Kashmir to empower the common man.

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