Mega SVEEP programme engages Pulwama Youth in Democratic Participation

PULWAMA, MAY 08: The District Election Office, Pulwama, in collaboration with the Cultural Education Wing, today successfully hosted a vibrant SVEEP programme at Baghi Sangerwani.
The event, aimed at fostering democratic engagement among Pulwama youth, witnessed enthusiastic participation from various segments of the community.
The day-long event showcased a rich tapestry of cultural expressions, including mesmerizing Gojri performances, insightful skits and creative painting exhibitions. One of the highlights of the programme was the mock polling exercise, providing an immersive experience in the electoral process for new voters and school students alike.
Chief Education Officer Pulwama, gracing the occasion as the chief guest, emphasized the importance of youth involvement in shaping the democratic fabric of society. He commended the organizers for their efforts in promoting voter awareness and civic responsibility among the younger generation.
Speaking about the event, DEO Puwlama, Dr. Basharat Qayoom said: “By fostering a culture of active citizenship and electoral participation, we empower the next generation to become informed and responsible stewards of our democracy.”
The event served as a platform for cultural exchange besides also as a catalyst for nurturing a robust democratic ethos within the community.
Participants left the event inspired and equipped with the knowledge and enthusiasm to play an active role in shaping the future of Pulwama and beyond.

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