Meet the Dhol Player and 19 Other Youngsters Who Found Their Wishes Fulfilled by Bhole Baba!

A group of 19 youngsters has come for Baba’s dham for his darshan. Among them a drummer said, we are celebrating in happiness and dancing and doing bhangra. Sisters, brothers and elders are all singing and dancing. They are singing in Baba’s praises. They are chanting Shankar Bhagwan’s name. The drummer said he thought twice to come for Amarnath darshan, but he was not able to. When Baba called, he came with victory. I have so much faith in his power, said the drummer. We will travel on foot till the Amarnath cave and will play drums in the middle of the yatra. Bhole Baba fulfils everyone who has a wish. He fills everyone with the treasure of happiness, said the dhol wala.

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