Md. Mansha’s efforts for Gojri language bears fruit.

Mohammed Mansha of Jammu and Kashmir has been engaged in efforts to preserve the Gojri language. Gujjars come from the tribal community. In his childhood, he had to work hard to study. He used to cover a distance of 20 kilometers on foot every day. Amidst such challenges, he obtained a master’s degree. His determination to preserve his language was always very strong. The scope of Mansha ji’s work in the field of literature is so large that it has been published in about 50 volumes. These also include poems and folk songs. He has translated many books into Gojri language. He is very thankful to the Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi that he has appreciated his work and given an identity to it. He is happy with the recognition he got because of his literary work.

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