Manoj Sinha, the Vikas Purush of Ghazipur

A decade ago, the scenario in many parts of the country was starkly different. Prolonged power outages were a common occurrence, often lasting for an entire week. People had to rely on large lamps, which could only provide light for about six hours, leaving them in darkness for the remainder of the time. However, since the BJP government came into power, there has been a significant transformation. Today, people enjoy 18 hours of continuous electricity supply, a testament to the government’s commitment to improving basic infrastructure. In the realm of education, particularly in rural areas, there have been substantial advancements. Numerous medical colleges have been established, providing better educational opportunities for village youth and addressing the critical shortage of medical professionals. This move has not only enhanced educational standards but also improved healthcare access in remote areas. Safety and security have seen remarkable improvements as well. In the past, issues like molestation were rampant, and the police response was often inadequate. However, under the current administration, hooliganism has been curbed significantly, creating a safer environment for everyone, especially women. The proactive measures taken by law enforcement, along with stringent policies, have made a noticeable difference in reducing crime rates. Infrastructure development has been another area where the BJP government has made significant strides. The construction of bridges, such as those in Ghazipur and Banaras, spearheaded by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and by Shri Manoj Sinha, has greatly improved connectivity and contributed to economic growth. These projects are clear indicators of the government’s focus on developing robust infrastructure that supports long-term development. Moreover, the introduction of beneficial schemes like the ₹5 lakh medical card has provided substantial support to countless families, enabling them to access necessary medical treatments and medicines. This initiative reflects the government’s dedication to improving healthcare and providing financial security to its citizens. The progress under the BJP’s tenure is commendable. The reduction in crime rates and the notable advancements in public welfare highlight a transformative era of development and safety. The public’s desire for progress has been met, with visible improvements in various sectors. The significant reduction in incidents of robbery, theft, and murder is a clear indicator of the effective governance and robust law enforcement policies implemented by the government. The BJP government has made remarkable progress over the past decade, transforming the landscape of the country. From ensuring reliable electricity supply and improving educational opportunities to enhancing safety and developing critical infrastructure, the government’s efforts have led to substantial advancements. The public’s need for progress has been effectively addressed, making the BJP’s tenure a period of significant and commendable development.

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