Manasbal Lake festival organised to promote tourism in J&K

The J&K government has recommended a number of locations for promotion and Manasbal is one among them. At Manasbal, a festival was organised by the tourism department.

Manasbal Lake is located about 30 km north of Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir State. It has predominantly rural surroundings with three villages, Kondabal, Jarokbal and Gratbal overlooking the lake. It is one of the 75 offbeat destinations in J&K offering stupendous views.

Tourism officials say, this location has tourism potential but has not gained popularity. With the annual festivals promotion, Manasbal will soon be among the popular destinations in Jammu & Kashmir. The locals will also benefit from tourism.

Manasbal is considered as the ‘supreme gem of all Kashmir lakes’ with lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) growing abundantly at the banks of the lake during July and August. It is the deepest lake of Kashmir valley and perhaps the only one that develops stable summer stratification.

Tourist can do boat riding on the waters of Manasbal Lake. They are attracted by the architectural ruins of a fort constructed by a Mughal ruler in 17th century lying on the lake’s northern shores and overlooking the serene waters of the lake. It is believed that exhausted travelers coming from Punjab to Srinagar would stop by the lake to refresh themselves before carrying on their onward journey. The best time to visit Manasbal Lake is between the months of July to October.

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