Lok Sabha Elections-2024

DODA, MARCH 20: A training session was organized in Doda for Micro observers, Video viewing teams, and Magistrates for upcoming Lok Sabha Election’s 2024.
The training session was held with an aim to equip these key personnel with necessary skills and knowledge to effectively carry out their duties during the election process.
The training session covered various aspects of election monitoring and management. During the training session, Prof. Dr Akhtar Hussain, District Level Master Trainer (DLMT) briefed the participants about roles and responsibilities of Micro observers, Video viewing teams as well as the legal framework governing elections.
The participants also received training on how to handle sensitive information and maintain the integrity of electoral process.
The session included practical exercises and simulations to help participants familiarize themselves with the tools and technologies they will be using during the elections. Additionally, experts in the field shared their insights and best practices to enhance the effectiveness of participants in their respective roles.

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