LG Sinha talks to DPS Srinagar students about inculcating curiosity, creativity and individuality

It is a matter of pleasure for me that I am present in DPS Srinagar today among the children. I consider it my good fortune that I have got a chance to meet you, said the Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor, Shri Manoj Sinha. He said that books are actually like telescopes which give children a chance to peep into the universe. He said the boundary wall is different from the common syllabus. It’s a school where the environment of learning exists, where the existence of self is born. It is the same school where curiosity, creativity, individuality are inculcated in the children. It is only at the school where the seed of curiosity, creativity and individuality can be sown in the children. In true sense, education is also the same that creates curiosity, which gives an opportunity to enhance their creativity and help achieve individuality. Rest of the syllabus will come automatically, said the Lt Governor. These three elements are such that to get them, not the classroom, but the sky of courage and imagination is needed. I have my own definition of education that I want to mention. I have studied mathematics. He who reads mathematics will also prove it. I believe that this is a journey of life, of the self. A journey of inner self. If we identify the child with his inner self, then definitely the child will move forward, LG remarked. He said the country was waiting for a long time for NEP 2020. The National Education Policy made by the PM Narendra Modi needs to be applied. I am happy that DPS Srinagar apart from the syllabus has made efforts to inculcate curiosity and individuality in students. I am a bit of an optimist, LG said. I have full faith that in the coming days, the country will regain that glory. The children of DPS found the Lt Governor’s talk about the education sector and extra curricular activities amazing. It was a good experience for the school. The children were touched by the things the Lt Governor said, how the children should change and rectify and what he will be doing to enhance the education sector. He was more like a teacher to us. The Lt Governor coming to the school was a wonderful experience for us. He talked like an elder and a mentor to us. We all have elders in our families and he occupies that place in our hearts, students said. We understood one thing that we are a part of this government. The motto of this government ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ is being followed, said children of DPS Srinagar.

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