LG Sinha addresses Jammu University Convocation ceremony in the presence of Vice President of India

I think it is an important day for all teachers of Jammu University, The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha said at the Jammu University convocation ceremony. And their hearts are full of wishes for your progress in this new life of yours, LG said. It has been said in the Upanishads that the guru is praying that the fame of my disciple and me increases together. This is an example of the highest values ​​of our Indian culture. Today you will be handed over not just medals and degrees, but a legacy of those values. A huge responsibility now rests on your shoulders to enrich it and preserve it for future generations, LG said. Young friends, I believe it is an important opportunity to enter the field of work in the country. Under the guidance of the Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where on one hand our country is touching new heights of development, on the other hand, with the transformation taking place in all the sectors of the economy, new challenges have also come, LG said. To harmonise both of them and to make the journey of Karma Kshetra smooth for teachers and students, the PM has given an invaluable gift in the form of the National Education Policy 2020. Efforts are being made to implement such an education system under his guidance which makes you conscious and not mechanical. Which makes you not a storehouse of memories but a vehicle of knowledge, wisdom and values. So that you can mould yourself according to the changes happening in the world, LG said. So that you can re-skill and upskill. And despite the passing of years and decades, your energy, your potential, your newness should not decrease at all. I am quite sure that in the days to come Jammu University will become one of the best educational institutions of the country and will give a new direction not only to Jammu and Kashmir but also to the education of the whole country, LG said. We can’t predict what new skills will be needed ten years from now. I think the change happening in the world has given us an opportunity to look at the entire education system in a new way. And universities must not just be schools of rote information rather become the centre of building individuality, independence and critical thinking, intelligence and creative personality. I am happy that the Jammu University has started this work, the Lieutenant Governor said. I am delighted to have made a maiden visit to Kashmir since the assumption of the office of Vice President of India. This is a unique moment which I will forever remember, said Jagdeep Dhankhar, Honourable Vice President of India. It is an honour and privilege to be associated with this special convocation of the renowned Jammu University. It has diligently hosted excellence for the past century guided by the profound motto of ‘Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya’-Lead Me From Darkness To Light. It is a poignant reminder to strive to become not only outstanding professionals but also beacons of compassion and kindness for all humanity. And the mantra that has been imparted today by the honourable Lieutenant Governor is an eye opener, path breaking and thought provoking, said the Vice President of India. This is the turning point in your life so please address it. When you venture outside keep your eyes open, mind functional, and be ever prepared for the big change.

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