LG Commends Audit Committee For Fostering Transparency | Emphasises Good Governance in J&K

LG Commends Audit Committee For Fostering Transparency | Emphasises Good Governance in J&K The implementation of all the programs of the government, the correct use of money and transparent behaviour has been the golden history of the efforts of the people to bring changes in the lives of the people, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. I appreciate the efforts of the Audit Committee. I appreciate your transparency and accountability and I hope that with your support during this week, the campaign for good governance at the grassroots level will be further strengthened. I believe that this institution is in line with the vision of building the country and the leaders of the states and UTs have made continuous efforts in the mission of improving auditing and governance. These have also established new standards of success and achievements. Today, India is moving forward with the resolve of developing India with its capability and strength. In this mission, the country’s accounting and audit system is going to play a vital role in improving the economic and social condition of the country and achieving the sustainable development goals in the coming days. I repeat one thing again and again that what should be the criterion of development? The purposes with which the country’s hard-working taxpayers’ money is being spent, are the common man benefiting or not? Every single paisa from the government treasury should help in improving the life of every man, strengthening the infrastructure and building a safe self-respecting and self-reliant Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir administration expects your cooperation in achieving this goal, Lt Governor Manoj Sinha said.

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