LG At Jhiri Mela | Commemorating Baba Jitto’s Faith, Sacrifice & Rural Empowerment in J&K

LG At Jhiri Mela | Commemorating Baba Jitto’s Faith, Sacrifice & Rural Empowerment in J&K I bow at the feet of Baba Jitto for faith, belief and spiritual consciousness, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. I also pay my respects to Bua Kauri, the embodiment of sacrifice and compassion. The historic mela at Jhiri is held in the memory of Baba Jitto, and his minor daughter, Bua Kauri. This fair organised in the memory of Baba Jitto reminds us of the feeling of every moment that the golden future will have to be achieved through hard work and the direction given by him. By combining modernity with the eternal memory of Baba Jitto and Bua Kauri, this event has also started preparing the stage of development in which farmer brothers and rural entrepreneurs get involved in self-employment and their efforts reach millions of people with their product. Along with their business, art and culture, they also keep the civilisation of Jammu and Kashmir in front of the country. There would hardly be any aspect of the New Construction Program in which administration has not established new standards of development. Today, farmers of Jammu and Kashmir are setting new records in food availability and production of special crops. Holistic Agriculture Development Programme will establish a milestone to further strengthen their position and increase their income manifold. And in accordance with the ideals of Baba Jitto, an attempt has been made to establish a system from seed to market for the material welfare of the farmer families. Till now, every type of assistance will be provided to the farmers of Jammu and Kashmir from preparation of crops to selling in the market. I personally believe that the foundation stone of the new Jammu and Kashmir has been laid with the strength of the farmers, LG said. And this decade will be the cornerstone of the creation of a grand Jammu and Kashmir in India. Let us all be determined today to make Jammu and Kashmir the pride of India in the Amrit Kaal. Once again I pay my respects to the revered memory of Baba Jitto. I express my heartfelt gratitude to you all, the Lt Governor said.

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