Land is not being looted but poor have the first right on government resources, LG Sinha to Mehbooba

Mehbooba Mufti, PDP leader has been saying that Jammu and Kashmir’s land, jobs, resources are being looted. Jammu and Kashmir is a green belt in the whole of India. The government is trying to convert it into a slum. By importing investments from outside, they are importing slums and poverty here, Mufti stated questioning the government. The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha in answer to this said how to explain to those people who cannot see through their glasses that there are poor people living here and the landless too. I know their pain, LG said, quoting lines from a poetry… Sitam Bhi Sehna, Dua Bhi Dena, Gaya Bebasi Ka Woh Zamana Agar Hai Himmat to Girao Bijli Bana Rahe Hain Hum Ashiana Bana Rahe Hain Hum Ashiana Statements from political parties like the National Conference, Congress state that they are giving land, homes to their own people. We challenge those to tell us where the Panchayats here have given to those who are not genuine, said people defending the act . There were one lakh people who did not have a pucca house in these cold, snowy regions. For seventy years, Mufti and others ruled over here. From 2014 till 2022 Narendra Modi gave homes to one lakh people. For a long time, a small section of the people had made Jammu and Kashmir their fiefdom, the Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha said. Jammu and Kashmir made a decision that those who are eligible for the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and those who do not have a land will get 5 Marlas or 150 square yards of land. Around 2711 poor people have been given space where they can build their homes. This way the Prime Minister’s dream of everyone having their own homes are being fulfilled. But some people are not liking this move. Those who built their homes on government’s land, build houses for their close ones, they prohibit poor people from using government property. They should understand that now this system is over. The discriminatory system ended on August 5, 2019, said the Lieutenant Governor Shri Manoj Sinha. Now the administration and the resolution of honourable PM is that the first right on government resources is of the poor people, the Dalits and Adivasis of the country and of Jammu and Kashmir. They have to understand this, LG said. The poor people in Jammu and Kashmir are happy that through the PMAY Awaas scheme they are able to construct pucca homes for living. We were living in mud homes, now the Modi government has given us money to construct cement homes, and we are making cemented homes to live in. Those who got homes are happy because they did not have homes. Earlier they had tin, lentel homes, now with the support of the government their lives will improve. We are hoping that those who are remaining will also see their pucca homes getting constructed with the support of the government, said people in Jammu and Kashmir in support of this act of granting land and homes to the homeless.

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