Lal Chowk Residents Applaud Development Initiatives and Increasing Tourism in Srinagar

There has already been a lot of good development here, said a youth in Srinagar’s Lal Chowk area. The road tiles have been laid, footpaths have been constructed. LG has developed the area keeping in mind a lot of things, said residents. We hope that many developments will continue to happen in the future as well, people said. Residents of Lal Chowk said that many changes have come about. The changed Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower) is there for everyone to see. Roads have become better. LED lights light up the area. Earlier, there were only pigeons. Now it feels that you are in Delhi. Today there is public and traffic too, so no complaints, said the Lal Chowk resident who runs a shop there. A tourist couple said that Lal Chowk earlier was like any market place but today it looks like a tourist spot. I feel good that development is being done by the Government. More and more tourists should come to Kashmir. They must visit here and see the beauty here with their own eyes, said the tourist couple. We appreciate the developments and we want more and I want this trip to Kashmir to be better than before. If you come to North, then you have to come to Kashmir, then you will know what hospitality is. After coming to Kashmir, you will know how the guests are felicitated. Kashmir is called the ‘Paradise on Earth’ and it truly is. If there is heaven on earth, it is here, the couple said in praise of Kashmir. We are sitting here, it is nine o’ clock now, said a middle aged person who had come to spend the evening at Lal Chowk with his family. But we plan to sit here till late. We will roam, take a walk till our hearts become happy, said the man. Due to the renovation, Lal Chowk has been progressing day and night since then. We are very thankful to the administration, the man said.

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