Kupwara’s Crewel craft awardee embroiderer Razia Sultan inspires others to open karkhanas

The story of Razia Sultan from Kupwara is inspiring for thousands of Kashmiris who are educated, but sitting at home not doing anything productive and losing the chance of earning a livelihood. She is indeed a torchbearer for the unemployed youth. She is grateful to the Department of Handicrafts and Handloom, Kashmir, which helped her in every step to become an Entrepreneur running her own Crewel embroidery Karkhana. She got all her training and logistic support from the Government through the Handicrafts Department, Kupwara. In her Karkhana she gives training to around 10 girls for six months. She has taught the crewel craft embroidery work to around 100 girls. This work has fetched her many benefits. She earns a good income. In 2018, Razia became the first girl in Kashmir to receive the UT Award for Crewel craft.

Aasiya Sultan, also an entrepreneur believes after studies, girls must develop skills and not just sit at home. How her sister Razia started earning her livelihood, every girl must try to walk in her footsteps. Razia runs her own Skill Upgradation Centre teaching Crewel embroidery under Karkhanadar Scheme supported by the Department of Handicrafts and Handloom, Kashmir in Tehgam, Kupwara.

Sajjad Saleem, Officer Handicraft Department says, Razia, an ex-trainee is an outstanding performer and a young entrepreneur. Razia’s story is a successful case of Women Empowerment scheme carried by our Department. The goal is to make women able and successful so that they can earn their livelihoods.

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