Kupwara | LG Sinha Emphasises Region’s Renewed Sense of Purpose | People’s Passion for Development

Kupwara | LG Sinha Emphasises Region’s Renewed Sense of Purpose | People’s Passion for Developmentt In a bid to promote environmental conservation and sustainable development, Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha, led the charge by planting a tree on October 6, 2023, in Kupwara, Jammu & Kashmir. This initiative aligns with District Kupwara’s ambitious goal of planting 8.5 lakh trees during the Winter Plantation Green J&K Drive. Highlighting the remarkable transformation of Kupwara over the past three years, LG Manoj Sinha emphasised the region’s renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for development. He commended the district’s improved law and order situation, contributing to a peaceful life for its residents. The agriculture and allied sectors have witnessed significant progress in areas such as paddy production, milk production, and walnut production. LG Manoj Sinha underscored the importance of the Holistic Development Agriculture Plan, which will focus on High-Density Plantation, benefiting the 70% of the population engaged in agriculture and allied activities. The tourism sector has also experienced a resurgence in Kupwara, with a substantial increase in tourist visits compared to previous years. LG Manoj Sinha acknowledged the region’s journey from being perceived as a remote and inaccessible area, which remained closed for six months during winters, to becoming a thriving tourist destination. Moreover, efforts have been made to provide electricity to areas that previously lacked access to power, and infrastructure development in terms of roads and water supply has progressed rapidly. LG Manoj Sinha shared updates on the tap water scheme, stating that it is slated for completion in every Panchayat area by December 31st, with approximately 70% of the work already completed. The administration’s commitment to transparency, a pro-people approach, and a renewed vision for development have garnered support and optimism among the local population. LG Manoj Sinha’s visit to Kupwara, at the request of the District Development Council, included meetings with various committees and delegations, spanning different blocks, political groups, and Pahadi communities. This comprehensive engagement marked a significant step in Kupwara’s progress, reflecting LG Manoj Sinha’s genuine commitment to the region. Residents and officials alike expressed gratitude for the LG’s continued presence and dedication to Kupwara’s growth, recognising the positive momentum achieved in various sectors, including education, health, and the power sector.

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