Kashmir’s first female wheelchair basketball player Inshah Bashir

Kashmir’s first female wheelchair basketball player Inshah Bashir was felicitated by the President of India Shrimati Droupadi Murmu. Inshah Bashir was part of the Indian team that participated in the Wheelchair International Basketball tournament organised in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, that won a silver medal. Inshah says she was quite small when she had an accident and her spinal cord got injured. For several years she was under treatment. At that point she felt that it was the end of her life and there is nothing that she can do on her own. It was much later that she came to know about Voluntary Medicare Society (VMS). The turning point in her life says Inshah was VMS which brought sports into her life. She began excelling in sports and the VMS team encouraged and supported her.When she joined the basketball sport, there was no women’s team. So she represented the Delhi team. From Delhi she was selected for the American tour. She got an invitation from the U.S. Consulate to participate in the prestigious Sports Visitor Program in 2019. She got her first congratulatory message from the VMS team. This further encouraged her to perform well. In addition, a lot of girls with disabilities in Kashmir follow her. They were motivating her to not give up. They admired her and wanted to be like her. Seeing all this encouragement Insha Bashir gave her best in basketball to win a medal and accolades for her country and Union Territory Jammu & Kashmir. Inshah Bashir is also a member of the Rest Of India Women’s basketball team. She would like to play for India at the Paralympics and win an Olympic medal. Inshah Bashir despite her disability made her wheelchair the wings of hope.

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