Kashmir’s Diverse Artistic Talents Unlocked Through ‘Second Lives Art Guild’ Painting Exhibition

Seven artistes are participating in the painting exhibition ‘Second Lives Art Guild’ in Srinagar, said a female artist in Jammu & Kashmir. The artists come from different professions like doctor, engineer, banker and teacher. Everyone is fully dedicated toward their profession. And it is their passion which they are following. To keep this passion alive we are giving this message to people that to stay connected with their hobbies. Especially this message is for the parents of the youth to encourage them to pursue their hobbies, to keep them safe from harmful activities, said the artist. As Kashmiris we are surrounded by beautiful nature and that encourages us to recreate it through paintings, said another artist. You will get to see Kashmiri heritage, architecture, culture and essence in these paintings. These art events are beneficial for our present artistes and for our future artistes too. If we want them to take up arts, these events are necessary as an encouragement. Our motto is to keep your artistic passion alive. We have given it the name of ‘Second Lives Art Guild’. All of us have a profession but this is our second one as artistes. Our message is to bring forward your passion, bring forward your creativity. Most of our paintings are landscapes which depict nature in all its shades.

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