Kashmiri Locals Extend Warm Support to Amarnath Yatris, Provide Hot Water for Bathing

We come here to serve the yatris. We wait all year long for the Amarnath Yatra which happens for over a month or two months, said local Kashmiris who earn their livelihood during the Amarnath yatra. We prepare the tent, beds and blankets for the yatri’s halt. We prepare hot water for use by the yatris early in the morning before darshan. We bring wood on horsebacks and light up fire to heat water before sunrise. Otherwise yatris will find it very difficult to bathe in icy cold water of the mountains. The temperature here goes to minus at night. Yatris like to bathe before going to the holy cave. We do not sleep the whole night as we get busy preparing hot water for yatris. No yatris has complained yet. They say how hard we work. We try our best that the yatris are not troubled in any way. It is not possible to travel without Kashmiris, Yatris said. The co-operation of Kashmiris is very good, like giving hot water. These people have supported us in our stay, given hot water for bathing, and provided us with everything, said another pilgrim. The Kashmiris are nice, honest and cooperative. If something is needed, it is being given. We realise nothing is possible without them, yatris said. Unless they cooperate, if they don’t provide facilities, then where will we be able to travel? Asked a female yatri.

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