Kashmiri girls at school are learning embroidery to tap the handcrafted market

Shela Najib, Beneficiary UMEED Scheme says, when she started the Kashmiri embroidery work she did not know how to do the embroidery, then she learnt the skill. There are seven groups in Budgam district in Jammu & Kashmir and she joined one group called Subhanallah. Then she started doing the embroidery work and also began to study. She said all the girls in the group are doing the embroidery work and also continuing with their studies. Before joining the group, we used to ask for Rs 10 from family members. Now, I earn at least Rs 10,000 per month ,says Shela. She said girls do their own marketing through online apps. Their embroidered stuff is also put on sale at UMEED marketplace stall at the airport. People from Kashmir also purchase these handcrafted products and its market is going up as it is highly in demand. As a result, we are also benefitting, says Shela. I am very happy with this scheme, said another beneficiary of UMEED scheme. Previously I did not have money to buy anything. I used to ask my father for money. Now after learning about this scheme, I have stopped asking for money. In fact, I give him money now. This Self Help Group is beneficial for us.

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