Kashmir University | Vice Chancellor’s Round Table | LG Says Focus on Future-Ready Education

Kashmir University | Vice Chancellor’s Round Table | LG Says Focus on Future-Ready Education The Vice Chancellor’s Round Table this year after Y 20 Summit and President of India’s presence at Convocation Ceremony of Kashmir University is the most important event of Kashmir University, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. Keeping in mind the current education system and future challenges all of you will share your ideas and opinions and prepare a mechanism for holistic collaboration, LG said. Today, I think there is a need to truly recognise our weaknesses. Improve practical innovation, creative development, intervention for best quality education, do brand positioning so that by 2030, India can also have an important share in the estimated 8 trillion dollar global education economy. And our institutions can be included in the world’s top 25 educational list, LG said. It is true that we should be proud of our past. We were definitely an educational hub at some point in history, he said because we had the pride of Nalanda and Takshila. But the journey of development begins only when the boat is freed from the chains tied to the shore, LG said. Now we will have to think futuristically. Similarly, modern institutions will have to be rebuilt. And efforts will have to be made together to realise the resolution of Educate in India, not just on the basis of numbers but on the basis of quality. The speed of change in every sector has become many times faster than before. And to come to terms with that, the biggest revolution can happen in the university campus itself, LG said. Before the National Education Policy, the objective of education could be to somehow meet the needs of the society rather than its goal being to meet future needs. Universities will have to be lean and flexible if they are to meet future needs. Now the time has come for these dreams of ours. It is time that academicians make efforts to reduce the baggage of students and structures in silos and these are the most urgent needs of the hour, LG said.

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