Kashmir is the land of peace, wisdom & spiritual depth. Message from Kheer Bhavani

The Mela of Mata Kheer Bhavani has been a cornerstone of spiritual and cultural life in Kashmir for thousands of years. It is a testament to the region’s rich history as a throne of knowledge and a spiritual haven. Mata Kheer Bhavani, revered as a goddess of peace, draws devotees from all walks of life, fostering a sense of unity and harmony. The current arrangements made by the J&K LG Shri Manoj Sinha’s administration for the fair are commendable. Devotees who have come to participate in the festivities have expressed their satisfaction with the excellent arrangements. This year’s fair has a special significance, with many believing that Mata has returned in a spiritual form. This sentiment is further reinforced by the blessings of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose connection to Mata Kheer Bhavani is believed to bring a powerful and positive energy to the event. The sacred pond of Mata Kheer Bhavani, known as Mata ka kund, is a focal point of the mela. This mystical water body is said to change color, symbolizing the goddess’s divine presence. Devotees, regardless of their religious backgrounds—Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh—come to pray here, and it is believed that their prayers are always answered. The local community’s hospitality adds to the mela’s appeal. The lieutenant governor and the local administration have ensured that the arrangements are top-notch, and the people of Kashmir have welcomed the visitors with open arms. The locals encourage those who are hesitant to visit due to fear to come and witness the new, peaceful Kashmir. This call for unity is a powerful message, emphasising that there are no problems in Kashmir that should deter anyone from experiencing its spiritual and cultural richness. The atmosphere at the mela is one of brotherhood and unity. People from all over India and the world gather to seek blessings from Mata Kheer Bhavani, and the sight of such diversity in harmony is truly inspiring. The local Muslim community’s support and participation are particularly noteworthy, highlighting the communal harmony that exists in the region. This unity is a shining example of how different communities can come together in celebration and reverence. The security arrangements have also been praised, ensuring that all attendees can participate in the mela without any concerns. Visitors from various parts of India, such as Sunita Kumari from Bihar, have expressed their happiness and appreciation for the arrangements and the warm welcome they received. Similarly, people from within Kashmir, like those from Baramulla, have also shared their positive experiences and the joy of seeing so many people gathered in prayer and celebration. The story of Mata Kheer Bhavani is deeply ingrained in Kashmiri folklore. According to legend, the goddess appeared to a devout Brahmin named Krishna Pandit in a dream, instructing him to discover her sacred spring in the village of Tula Mula. When he found the spring, he established a temple there, and it has since become a major pilgrimage site. The goddess is known as Kheer Bhavani because devotees offer kheer (a sweet rice pudding) to her as a symbol of their devotion. This year’s mela not only celebrates the divine presence of Mata Kheer Bhavani but also serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of unity and brotherhood. It is a call to all people to come together, set aside differences, and embrace the spirit of togetherness. The fair is a testament to the fact that, despite past challenges, Kashmir remains a place of peace, wisdom, and spiritual depth. The Mata Kheer Bhavani mela is a beautiful embodiment of Kashmir’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage. It is a celebration of unity, peace, and the enduring power of faith. As visitors from near and far gather to honour the goddess, they also partake in a shared experience that transcends religious and cultural boundaries, fostering a sense of global brotherhood and harmony.

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