J&K Trout Farming | A Nutrient-Rich Fish Breeding Success Story Boosted by Govt Support & Youth Jobs

J&K Trout Farming | A Nutrient-Rich Fish Breeding Success Story Boosted by Govt Support & Youth Jobs Trout fish farming is increasing rapidly in Jammu and Kashmir since last few years. The climate here, its topography and environmental conditions suit trout fish breeding, reported Kashmir Ahead team. And because of the fresh water here, its production is increasing day by day. I established my trout fish breeding farm in 2013, said a fish farm breeding owner living in Humhama in Srinagar. I was always fond of fish. Earlier people did not know what a trout was. They used to run after the general fish of Dal Lake. When they ate trout, they realised that it was different from other fish. It is tasty and boneless. Then customers were attracted and its sale started increasing. After 2016, my unit progressed well. My family’s livelihood is supported by this, said the Humhama fish unit owner. The government gave 40% subsidy. Suppose the government gives Rs 1 lakh and it requires Rs 4 lakh to build a fish breeding unit. Then it takes Rs 3 lakh more to make it into a successful unit. For that, we utilise the government’s Kisan Credit Card (KCC) loan. They give us Rs 2 lakh loan which provides us benefits with which we can start the fish farm. At first I built two canals for the fish to breed. But later they were not usable as cracks developed in them and there was water leakage. After that we built another canal for breeding. Government fisheries farm are in Ganderbal, Budgam and many other areas. We get fish seeds from there. We carry oxygen cylinder to keep the seeds alive and we have to quickly transport them. The Government has procured a high breed seed stock called Denmark. The seeds in about 7-8 months turn into 250 gm fish. Other seeds take 18 months to get converted into 250 gm fish. The government gives us full-fledged support to make the units successful. Our instructor from the fisheries department comes after every two-three days to inspect and help us if we have any difficulties. My suggestion to all the educated youth is that it is not possible for everyone to get a job. This time government has done different schemes in agriculture, fisheries, dairy, sheep, etc. They should come forward and try to push these schemes and try out. It is not necessary to keep running after a job, advised Humhama fish unit owner. I have given a suggestion that if the government brings out a cold storage where they can freeze the fishes, pack and send abroad, then there can be good profits for everyone involved in the process. There is benefit for the government and it is also beneficial for us. If the water in the river decreases then the fish farm can run on the machines. Then we will need to put oxygen blocks. Pump will be needed to recycle water. If there is shortage of water then we can use the machine but it will cost a lot. The margin we are getting in this will not be available with the use of machines. If we earn ten percent in this, we will earn only three percent in it. The government’s target is to breed 10,000 fishes in a unit. For that a lot of water is needed. We will look for river water support when the water is clean. When the river water is muddy then we will not be able to use it for fish breeding. Kashmir Ahead team talked to the youth who got job in fish farming unit. Now there is no chance of youth sitting idle with the government schemes floating around in J&K, team observed. The government is helping by providing loans for fish farming to help youth set up their own business. Fish farm workers informed why the trout fish is in demand as it has omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D and considered good for eyesight. The fish breeding stock came from Pahalgam, Tangmarg, Bandipora and many other places. With this unit 140 farmers are associated. Around four people work to make the unit function. This is a private shop in Humhama, Srinagar and we have done registration with the fisheries department, said a worker at the fish breeding unit.

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