J&K Tourism Secretary Emphasises Sustainable Growth | Border Tourism & Homestays in Focus

J&K Tourism Secretary Emphasises Sustainable Growth | Border Tourism & Homestays in Focus Syed Abid Shah, Secretary Tourism J&K said, tourism has many sub sectors like film tourism, leisure tourism, etc. Jammu and Kashmir is very unique. It is a small microcosm of our country. We have our own centuries-old tradition. Border tourism is one area which we are focusing on, said the Secretary Tourism. In Gurez more than a lakh visitors dropped in. Even in Jammu’s border area Suchetgarh, the visitor numbers are mind boggling. Therefore, border tourism is our core focus area. There are some areas where there was no mobile connectivity. Doodhpatri was one area, but now with connectivity available, it is a major filip to that destination. The infrastructure gaps in North Kashmir or Jammu areas have been identified from tourist point of view and they will be rectified, said the J&K Secretary Tourism. A lot of issues are being resolved and will be immediately resolved after some time. Jammu and Kashmir is a Himalayan ecology. It is a biodiversity hotspot in many ways. So our focus is to develop sustainable tourism. We will take care not to spoil the pristine beauty and bio diversity of that place. Therefore, eco-tourism is the buzz word. Keeping that in mind, rather than concrete jungles being constructed in sensitive eco hot spots, care will be taken to grow sustainable tourism and the local economy as well. The policy of Homestays brought by the Jammu & Kashmir Government is a big step in that direction. We have started giving training to local boys and girls for promoting rural tourism. We are making them upgrade their homes from the point of rural tourism. I think it is very important that tourism in the coming times is taken on as the best sunshine sectors. It is important that the youngsters get involved and the government can play the role of a facilitator, said Secretary Tourism, J&K.

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