J&K Textile Sourcing Fair-Buyes & Sellers Meet: Celebrating Artisanal Excellence & Cultural Heritage

The heart yearns for fulfillment, the eyes are longing for the sight, what is it that I am looking for day and night, the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha said at the Textile Sourcing Fair in J&K. During the Buyers and Sellers Meet, the distinguished guests and buyers from abroad must have seen the products which are not mechanical but the yield of love and care. They might have held the crafts that were created by the artisans in their space, they might have touched the carpet in which every knot and embroidery has an interesting tale to tell. They must have felt each design which Jammu & Kashmir is known for. Hence, Jammu & Kashmir since ages is known as ‘Crown Jewel of India’. A line that has kept alive is due to time tested art, culture and wisdom. The Handloom and Handicraft items of this paradise are ageless cultural aspects of India, LG said. This Union Territory is a witness of the co-existence of almost all religions which has enriched and diversified our artistic tradition. Jammu & Kashmir is on the march towards rapid industrialisation and several milestones they have achieved in the last three years were truly exceptional. This event Jammu & Kashmir Textile Sourcing Fair and Buyers & Sellers Meet offers International buyers an opportunity to come together to connect, exchange ideas and forge partnerships that will save the future of this Union Territory and I am confident that the gifted hands of artisans will bring joy and happiness to the global family, the Lieutenant Governor said at the Buyers & Sellers Meet.

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