J&K Police Passing Out Parade | LG Encourages New Recruits | Calls for Commitment to Peace & Unity

J&K Police Passing Out Parade | LG Encourages New Recruits | Calls for Commitment to Peace & Unity The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha participated by witnessing the Dikshant Parade at Subsidiary Training Centre at Sheeri, Baramulla in Jammu & Kashmir. After the penance of training, on starting the journey on the path of duty I give a lot of congratulations to all the soldiers of Jammu and Kashmir Police, LG said. My first message to the tradition-bearers of the country’s most respected and glorious police force is: in this journey of devotion, love, dedication and struggle, the important responsibility of protecting the country and protecting the society now rests on your shoulders, LG said. Jammu and Kashmir Police has a long history of service, courage and sacrifice. With the sacrifice of their lives, each and every hero of Jammu and Kashmir Police has maintained the unity and integrity of the motherland. And has also blazed the path for prosperity and development of the society. Known for qualities like courage, bravery, endurance, spirit and discipline, the valuable and professional tradecraft learned during police force training make you the master of the ancient power, LG said. I believe that all the new aspirants are now capable of facing even greater strength and facing all kinds of challenges, LG said. Many soldiers of Mother India present here are for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, their faith and belief in their lives. It is also your responsibility to further strengthen the bond of faith and trust in the future with your readiness, ability, dedication and courage. On this occasion, I salute those brave patriots of Jammu and Kashmir Police with full respect and reverence who sacrificed everything in the service of the country. The supreme sacrifice of many heroes DSP Humayun Bhatt, Arshad Khan, Mudasir Ahmad has maintained a glorious tradition of sacrifice for the protection of the ideals of the country. I am sure that the bravery, determination and sacrifice of such warriors in the field of action will always inspire all the new trainers. Friends, with the pledge you have taken today to protect the motherland, a new goal of your life has started. Now you are the guardians of the unity, integrity, diversity and development of this great nation. This uniform has placed a great responsibility on you. No matter how big the challenge may be, no matter how difficult the path may be, this country expects you to maintain this unity. And you will breathe new life into the journey of development with valiant services. As an integral part of Jammu and Kashmir Police, today you have got the opportunity to maintain this peace and completely wipe out its enemies You have to take a pledge from today that ending humanity’s biggest enemy terrorism will be the biggest goal of your life, LG said to new police recruits. From today onwards, whatever steps you take in the field of action will be in the interest of the country. I wish that your personal conduct instills fear in the enemies of peace and instills confidence in the companions of progress, the Lieutenant Governor said saluting and inspiring the young recruits.

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