J&K LG Praises Cultural Unity & Organic Farming in Meghalaya, Manipur & Tripura | On Statehood Day

J&K LG Praises Cultural Unity & Organic Farming of Meghalaya, Manipur & Tripura | On Statehood Day If we see the map of India as a living body and not just as lines, then the Seven Sister States of the North Eastern States, from above, Meghalaya, then Manipur and Tripura appear as the strong roots of that body. Although there is a lot of diversity in the language, food, literature and culture of the three states, but along with it there is also an amazing cultural unity. And there is a kind of inner connection in folk dances, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, speaking on the Statehood celebration of Meghalaya, Tripura and Manipur at a function held in Rajbhawan in Jammu. This unity is the real strength of India. It is the real energy of India. Like Jammu and Kashmir, agriculture has also been strengthened in the north-eastern states. And the farmer brothers there have also started becoming self-reliant. I feel that North Eastern states are emerging as model centres of organic farming for the whole world, LG said. In a very practical and scientific manner, today one and a half lakh hectares of land has been converted into a vehicle for organic farming. And agricultural scientists from other parts of the country are teaching them from their experience. And also learning from the North-East experience on how organic farming should be actually done, the agricultural scientists are also propagating about organic farming in the rest of the country.

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