J&K LG Manoj Sinha attends J&K Police 16th BRTC Passing Out Parade

On a momentous occasion for the Jammu and Kashmir Police, Jammu &Kashmir LG Shri Manoj Sinha graced the passing out parade of the 16th Basic Recruitment Training Course (BRTC) batch at the Police’s Subsidiary Training Centre (STC) in Talwara. The event, which marked the culmination of rigorous training for new recruits, was a testament to the dedication and resilience of the young officers who are now ready to serve and protect their communities. The passing out parade, a traditional and ceremonial event, is a significant milestone in the careers of these recruits. It symbolizes not only the completion of their training but also their formal induction into the police force. The parade was marked by meticulous drills, disciplined marches, and a display of the skills and knowledge acquired during their training period. The recruits demonstrated their readiness to undertake the responsibilities and challenges that come with their new roles. Shri Manoj Sinha, addressing the newly inducted officers, emphasised the importance of their role in maintaining law and order and ensuring the safety and security of the region. He lauded the dedication and hard work of the recruits and highlighted the crucial role that the police play in fostering a sense of security and peace among the populace. He also acknowledged the challenges faced by the police force in a region marked by its unique geopolitical circumstances and reiterated the government’s commitment to providing them with the necessary support and resources. The training program at STC Talwara is designed to equip recruits with a comprehensive set of skills, encompassing physical fitness, weapon handling, investigation techniques, and community policing. It also includes lessons in ethics, human rights, and public interaction, ensuring that the officers are not only capable of enforcing the law but also of building trust and positive relationships with the communities they serve. The event was attended by senior police officers, dignitaries, and the families of the recruits, who witnessed the proud moment of their loved ones’ transition from civilians to disciplined police officers. The atmosphere was filled with pride and a sense of achievement, reflecting the collective effort of the trainers and trainees. As the newly minted officers prepare to take on their duties, the ceremony at STC Talwara stands as a reminder of the continuous effort to strengthen and professionalize the police force in Jammu and Kashmir. The recruits, imbued with a sense of duty and honour, are now poised to contribute to the region’s stability and progress, upholding the values of justice, integrity, and service to the nation. The passing out parade of the 16th BRTC batch at STC Talwara, attended by LG Shri Manoj Sinha, was a significant event that highlighted the readiness and commitment of the new police officers. It underscored the critical role of the police in maintaining law and order and their unwavering dedication to serving the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

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