J&K LG | Goals for Panchayats | Cleanliness, Education, 100% Saturation & Unemployment-Free Zones

J&K LG | Goals for Panchayats | Cleanliness, Education, 100% Saturation & Unemployment-Free Zones Today, on the occasion of Block Diwas, we all have to remember one thing and also tell everyone in the society, those respected BDC and Sarpanch whose tenure has ended, but their work is not over, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. You all know that after the enactment of the State Reorganisation Act, there has been a change in the reservation system in J&K, LG stated. There were people from many social classes who got reservation in the rest of the country but not in J&K. Now the Indian Constitution has made provision for reservation for such people also. Today I can say that with the cooperation of all of you, success has been achieved in establishing a new type of system in J&K, LG added. And I think that public participation has played a very important role in the work done at the village level. I want to assure you that the suggestions given by you will be completely taken into consideration in the planning an planning of District Apex will be done on the same basis, LG assured. Whatever government campaigns are going on, it has been tried that the elected representatives of PanchayatI Raj bodies embody the most important voice of Public citizens. It is requested that you do not shy away from your responsibility, LG said. Go ahead and do it in your Panchayat the way you were doing it before. Through the activities of Block Diwas organised in Mishriwala Panchayat Block Bhalwal, I would like to express my gratitude to the citizens of this place. With the zeal and enthusiasm with which you all have shown, and especially a large number of citizens have participated in the Vikasit Bharat Sankalp Yatra. More than thirty lakh thirty five thousand people have participated in Vikasit Bharat Sankalp Yatra in rural areas and more than six lakh citizens in urban areas. I have decided that every Wednesday I will go to some Block Diwas myself with senior officers. Because this is a big task, it can be done in the Apex district plan when the district plan is made. And I believe that for any good governance it is necessary that the oppressed in the society should move into the mainstream of the society. And J&K administration is also working on the same basis. I have seen sights in the yatra that many people could not even imagine. The way the beneficiaries have responded to the Prime Minister’s scheme which has changed their lives proves that the society is coming of age at the pace of inclusive growth. And this is both amazing and unimaginable. When someone calls in front of you, sir, we got a ‘pucca’ house, we got a toilet in the house, we got gas to cook , we also got a golden card worth five lakhs for protection from diseases, we also have Kisan Credit Card and we have also received thousands of rupees from Kisan Samman Nidhi. Among the other activities that are done in the Back to Village programme, one of the programmes is that such youth are identified from the Panchayat who want to become self-employed. In Back to Village Programme IV in Jammu Convention Centre, in one day around 75,000 youth were given financial assistance of Rs 949 crore. We were successful in providing financial assistance to six lakh youth, LG stated. In Jammu Kashmir, more than six lakh women are associated with SHGs and contributing to the development of Jammu and Kashmir. Block Diwas programme is one place for every citizen to get all types of self-help information and if there is anything missing, efforts will also be made to fill it, LG said. Saturation is the key to the prosperity of society. Around 70% of people’s lives depend on agriculture and allied sectors. If we can bring about a big transformation in this entire region, then I think the economy of Jammu and Kashmir will get a huge boost, LG said. In Budget that has been planned, every year more than Rs. 1000 crores are being spent to implement the Holistic Development Agriculture scheme. Since independence till 2021, the total private investment in Jammu and Kashmir was worth fourteen to fifteen thousand crores. Today the work being done in just three districts of J&K, Kathua, Samba and Jammu alone is worth more than Rs 22 thousand crores. We should work towards in making the cleanest panchayat, how to make the most educated panchayat, how to make the greenest panchayat, how to make a Panchayat with 100% saturation and how to make it TB free, how to make it nutrition free, how to make it unemployment free? The programme of Block Diwas is a programme of the public. And it reminds us that the impact of public participation is very powerful for change, LG said.

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