J&K LG Addresses Delhi University on Good Governance & Inclusive Development | G20 Connect Lectures

J&K LG Addresses Delhi University on Good Governance & Inclusive Development | G20 Connect Lectures I heartily congratulate you all on the completion of 100 years of Delhi University. The centenary of the university and India’s G20 presidency is a historic occasion, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha addressing the Delhi University function. And on this occasion, in this series of G20 Connect Lectures, I would like to present to you a talk on Good Governance, J&K LG Manoj Sinha said. However, its definition may differ from institution to institution, he added. But good governance in the context of government means the system in which the administration not only fulfills all the common aspirations of the citizens but also improves the welfare of the society as a whole without any discrimination. My personal view on this subject is that uniting the citizens in this direction and making them aware is the first step. The administration is trying to ensure that all citizens, especially the vulnerable and the youth, get the opportunity to participate more. Only then can we unify the pace of development or the process of development with the spirit of public participation. I believe that people’s participation and their own accountability ensures that economic and social resources are properly utilised for development. And the state system is governed by accountability, transparency, consensus, accountability, effective and efficient justice, as well as rule of law, LG Manoj Sinha stated. Here, along with many students and youth, I would like to specially tell them that good governance is a new journey of the society till the only goal is inclusive and sustainable development. In this journey, keeping pace with the unpredictable changes of the future and harnessing the advantages of technology will increase the strength of the society. And this responsibility is on your shoulders, he said to the youth and students of Delhi University. Inclusive development is the strength of the nation. The inclusion of the entire society into the mainstream should be the aim of good governance. And that is why Bapu ji had also said that the meaning of Swarajya is that even the weakest person should get equal opportunities as the strongest person. This ideal of Gandhiji is a great inspiration for all of us which we all should do together responsibly, said J&K Lieutenant Governor, Shri Manoj Sinha.

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