J&K Janmashtami Celebrations with Muslims Taking Part, Spreading Message of Unity and Harmony

In Kashmir we have been celebrating Janmashtami since 2004. For the last three-four years a new beautiful atmosphere is visible, said people in Kashmir. I congratulate the Lieutenant Governor, Shri Manoj Sinha for this and the majority community in Kashmir. The Janmashatmi procession came through Habba Kadal in Srinagar, we did Aarti at the Habba Kadal bridge. The Janmashtami procession then travelled through various streets reaching Ramchandra Mandir at Bar Bar Shah and then Lal Chowk in Srinagar. What has been going on for centuries- the Hindu, Muslim, Sikh being brothers was visible on Janmashtami as Muslims lined up on the side to participate out of love and took videos and clips of the celebration of the Hindus. A good message is being sent out, people remarked. This gave the Kashmiri Pandits and Hindus greater energy as our majority community friends were watching from both sides. Kashmir is the crown of India and when this head is fine, the whole of India will be fine, said one leading the procession. If the head is fine then the body will automatically be fine. Today on this occasion, Muslim brothers are also present. Today is the birthday of Lord Krishna who is the protector of the world. The new thing is that the Muslim brothers also decided that they wanted to come. The Kashmiriyat which has suffered a setback, the Hindu-Muslim unity which suffered a setback for thirty-two years, now the Muslims have taken the initiative to unite. This is the rise of new Jammu and Kashmir which will be corruption-free, terrorism-free where there will be religious freedom. In new Jammu-Kashmir Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Dogra and Christians will live here in unity and harmony. Today the Muslim brothers have given a great message, said a Sikh gentleman. Our conditions have been bad these thirty-five years due to which our brotherhood was not able to gather. And some elements of Pakistan came and spoilt our brotherhood. Our brotherhood is one and will be one forever. Our unity and brotherhood will last forever, said the Sikh gentleman. We are grateful to the LG government for playing an important role in improving the situation and working for the development of Kashmir.

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