J&K | Home Minister Amit Shah Highlights Monumental Change Post Article 370 Abrogation in Parliament

J&K | Home Minister Amit Shah Highlights Monumental Change Post Article 370 Abrogation in Parliament People used to say that what happened that Article 370 had to be abolished? Home Minister in Parliament said that forty-five thousand people died in Jammu & Kashmir. Narendra Modi uprooted Article 370 and threw it away. People ask what happened after it. There were so many changes post abrogation of Article 370, said the Home Minister. There have been many, many changes in Jammu & Kashmir. I am here to answer. Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh used to have separate constitutions and two capitals. There should not be two constitutions in this country, there should not be two Prime Ministers, there should not be two flags. The flag of the country and the symbol of the country should be the same. Some members told us that promises were made and stories were kept. The scheme made by the British at the time of independence. The Maharaja had complete authority in the scheme made by the British and approved by the Congress at the time of independence. The public across the country was not asked. Why ask in Jammu and Kashmir? Said the Home Minister. And I also talk about promises. Temporary provision has been written in Article 370. Temporary provisions are not lifelong rights. Narendra Modi ji took courage and abolished Article 370. For the first time, Kashmiri, Hindi, Urdu were made official languages. The law of land rights and compensation, forest rights act, SC ST Atrocity Prevention Act, Juvenile Justice Act and the Minority Protection Commission Act, 1992 have been kept in place since then. The assembly was there for six years, now it is there for five years. More big changes I want to point out, said the Home Minister. We went to Lal Chowk to see our tricolour flag. In the past, one had to struggle to hoist the tricolour. There was not a single house in the Kashmir valley where the tricolour was not in display. This change has come, said the Home Minister Amit Shah. Festivals of all religions are celebrated with great enthusiasm now in Lal Chowk. And people of all religions participate. The spirit of the Constitution is now being celebrated in true sense, said Amit Shah. The GDP increased, employment increased, government degree colleges increased in numbers, An IIM and two AIIMS have been constructed. J&K is the first state where two AIIMs were sanctioned. In 70 years, there were only four Medical Colleges in J&K, they have been increased to seven. Medical seat was mere 500, it has been increased to 800. All this has happened after the abrogation of Article 370, said Home Minister Amit Shah. Six lakh people used to get mid-day meal in the past, now about 13 lakh children eat mid-day meal. The average of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana was 108 kilometers, now it has become 8068 kilometer per year, said the Home Minister. Till 2019, movie theatres did not run in Jammu & Kashmir. In 2021 the first theatre started operating after abrogation of article 370. A multiplex was constructed in Srinagar. In Pulwama, Shopian and Baramulla, theatres opened and shooting of films resumed in Kashmir. Smart City Mission concept was not there. Now 173 Smart City projects have been done in J&K. Under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, in 75 years, 24,000 homes were provided to the poor. In these five years, the Narendra Modi government has provided housing to 1, 45, 000 people in J&K. In the last twenty-four years, four generations have provided drinking water to 7, 82, 000 people and the Narendra Modi government has provided drinking water to 13 lakh more people. The Narendra Modi government has done the work of bringing down the infant mortality rate from 22 to 14.30. And till now there were about 47 Jan Aushadhi Kendras, now for the last five years, cheap medicines have been available for the poor at 247 Jan Aushadhi Kendras, the Home Minister pointed out. Youth participation in sports has increased from two lakhs to 7 lakhs. Pension beneficiaries have increased from 6 lakh to 10 lakh. All these changes have been made only by the Narendra Modi government after the abrogation of Article 370, pointed out the Home Minister Amit Shah in Indian Parliament.

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