J&K Govt & Police Provide Sports Initiatives to Steer Youth Away from Drugs in Pulwama

Adnan Khursheed, a Tug of War Player says to save today’s youth from drugs, the Jammu & Kashmir government is providing a platform, the Pulwama stadium for different sports to engage the youth in healthy activities. The sports facilities are available in Government and private schools too. Another Tug of War team member Afnan Rasheed says, these games keep us mentally and physically fit. He gave a message to all the youth to avoid drugs. Faisal Siraj, another player said earlier there used to be no stadiums. Guardians too did not encourage children toward sports. Nowadays, the government is playing an important role feel the youth to keep us away from drugs and to provide healthy options for growth. They construct playfields, stadiums, etc. to attract the youth into the field of sports and to make their career here. The J&K Police in Pulwama have taken this initiative to save the youth and to bring the potential of the youth out through sports which was getting lost in drugs. Huzaiff Shakeel, another player says, it is a very good thing that the J&K Police has organised a Cricket Tournament and Tug of War for the youth. Now the youth are focussing on sports and education. Now all the facilities are available in Pulwama stadium which was lacking before. Player Mudassir Maqbool said that the youth are grateful to Pulwama Police for organising a cricket tournament here. This will encourage the youth to participate in great numbers and their drug habits will go away. Muneeb ul Hassan, part of the Tug of War team said, it gives a good boost to us. Our minds are becoming aware and our neuro muscle coordination is getting stronger said the player. Along with studies, we play sports too. The arrangements here have become better than before said the youth in Pulwama.

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