J&K Govt College of Physical Education Hosts University-Level Sports Festival 2023 in Ganderbal

The Government College of Physical Education organised a University level sports festival 2023 in Ganderbal on National Sports Day, August 29. Chief Secretary Jammu & Kashmir, Dr Arun Kumar Mehta congratulated everyone. He announced a big achievement of J&K coming up on the number one position in e-governance. He mentioned the journey towards digital governance began in 2019. In one and-a-half years, around 1016 services have been made online. This could have been possible only in Jammu & Kashmir. The Chief Secretary mentioned one thing that is special here in people is the desire to move forward. Sanjeen, a female student in Ganderbal said that sports tournament is very important as it brings a lot of benefits like physical fitness for one. Sportsmanship comes in people through these events. Mental issues get solved like drug addiction. Mohmad Muzamil Mir, a male student said in the current generation a lot of mental stress and anxiety is found. To conquer that sports is a very big element. Mohmad Muzamil believes that when you play sports, your mental stress gets relieved to an extent. So this is a good initiative from the Government College of Physical Education, Ganderbal to organise a sports festival.

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