J&K Film Policy Revives Cinematic Splendour: LG Sinha Inaugurates Shoot of TV serial in Kashmir

Two years ago, a New Film Policy was launched by the Jammu Kashmir administration. After consultation with all stakeholders, the policy that was made is making Jammu & Kashmir once again a favourable film destination, said the Lieutenant Governor, Shri Manoj Sinha. Around Rs 500 crore was allocated by the government last year to effectively implement the J&K Film policy. More than 300 films have been shot here since. Today Sab Sony TV has commenced shoot of a serial called ‘Pashmina’. I wish them luck, LG said. I think this will give a good boost to the employment of the local youth and also to the economy here. After a long time history will be created, said producers of the show. The whole show will be shot in Kashmir. We are trying that the local talents, artists, technicians, get a chance to enter the industry. This is the right opportunity for everyone to join us. Here as soon as you open the camera there is beauty all around. There you do not need to create anything and our focus will be to show as much of the natural beauty. It will be our endeavour to expose every corner and area of Kashmir in our show. The show is about mother and daughter running a houseboat called Pashmina. My father had created the show ‘Gul Gulshan Gulfam’ with Parikshit Sahni. At that time we were small. Now we have become adults and now our children are seeing us making Pashmina. This is a story of love, a story of goodness. Local people are being given the opportunity to show. talent. We are hoping that it will be appreciated by everyone. An artist said that it was her first shoot in Kashmir. She was happy that she was getting so much love here from the Kashmiris. You will not find such a beautiful place anywhere else in India. Bollywood must come here and shoot. Another female artist said that she had come twice or thrice to Kashmir. But this is the first time she had come here for such a long duration shoot. In such a good location, the fun of work also doubles, said the female artist. The female artists from Kashmir were thankful to the Lieutenant Governor for giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent. One said that it is a kind of education. And people can combine studies with these activities of learning which promotes Kashmiri culture.

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