J&K DG inaugurated the new Police Post at Rohmoo in Pulwama

The inauguration of the new Police Post at Rohmoo in Pulwama marks a significant step towards enhancing community safety in the region. The active involvement of both law enforcement and local residents underscores a collaborative effort to ensure security and promote a sense of safety. This initiative reflects the J&K Police’s dedication to a comprehensive and community-focused policing approach. A villager who is happy about this development said, ‘We are very fortunate because our village is a cluster of 20 villages and earlier we had to face many difficulties. It is Allah’s blessing and our karma that today because of Director General Police’s help , all our difficulties have ended. We are very happy, we are proud that today the DGP is present among us & participated in the Awami Darbar & heard our problems . Whatever we want for this area, I think, Inshallah, it is going to happen. His presence has given us faith that Inshallah whatever is going to happen will be for good’.

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