Jazib Javeed: NEET Qualifier’s Journey

When the results were announced, Jazib Javeed expected his score to be around 60. When it turned out to be just that, he was overjoyed. Sharing the news with his parents and seeing their happiness brought him immense satisfaction. Until ninth grade, frequent strikes and poor internet connectivity hindered their education. However, after ninth grade, despite the lockdown, conditions improved steadily. Internet access became more reliable, allowing people to explore online resources. This availability has been incredibly beneficial for students, including Jazib Javeed. He personally gained a lot from the online content available on platforms like Twitter. In the past two to four years, the situation in Kashmir has significantly improved, which has positively impacted the education system. Jazib Javeed believes this progress will continue. He is grateful to the government for establishing and maintaining stability. Additionally, he wants to credit his parents for their unwavering support, both academically and emotionally. His father, in particular, has struggled economically, and he is deeply thankful for his sacrifices. When they learned that the results were out, the entire village, along with their relatives, shared in their happiness. His father, a laborer from a poor background, worked tirelessly to support him. After passing the tenth grade, he faced a dilemma about choosing between the medical and non-medical fields. After much family discussion, he opted for PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology). His dream was to excel in both fields, so he took both the JEE and NET exams. Although his interest leaned more towards the medical field, he kept his parents’ dreams in mind as well. Jazib Javeed believes that humans are here to help one another, and the profession of a doctor is the most celebrated and noble. It is a profession dedicated to saving lives, and it commands great respect. As Jazib Javeed said, “Humans have come into this world to help each other and be useful to one another.” He is committed to doing his best to be useful to others in this role. His message to everyone is that with faith, dedication, and consistency, anything is possible. Do not keep yourself too busy, avoid spending too much time on social media, and focus on improving your life.

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