Jashn-e-Chillai Kalan Celebration in Pulwama | Reviving Kashmir’s Rich Cultural Heritage

Jashn-e-Chillai Kalan Celebration in Pulwama | Reviving Kashmir’s Rich Cultural Heritage Jashn-e-Chillai Kalan was celebrated in Pulwama district of Jammu & Kashmir. We created the whole village set to showcase the old Kashmiri culture of our yesteryears, said a Kashmiri female. I am an individual artist and I am feeling proud that it is looking so nice, she said. We are going back to our roots and reviving our culture, so it’s a great feeling. Pounding of husk, sifting of rice, pottery making, making Pashmina threads on charkha, ladies doing hand embroidery, etc were seen live in the programme. Several artists were present to showcase their skills live too. One artist said he was grateful to the government for organising awareness camps which gives a boost to the handicrafts community. We are celebrating Jashn-e-Chillai Kalan and we have kept a lot of old stuff to remind us and make us aware of the olden times, said a Kashmiri youth. I am feeling so happy to see our old Kashmiri heritage which the society today is forgetting. But we should also move with time and take our heritage forward. My heart was filled with happiness to see how beautiful our ancient times were. Let us keep re-looking all those things, those old houses, old habits, this Kashmiri basket which ladies used to carry in their hands, let us see all the other things and bring back the old times, said a young girl. There is a need to see culture because culture is dying, observed one female. We are trying to revive the thing that old Kashmir was so peaceful, it is an attempt to show our new generation what old Kashmir looked like, how the people of this place wore, their dressing style, how their lifestyle was. This is an effort and we hope that people will like it and today’s generation will always remember this culture, said the set organiser. We want to thank our DC Pulwama who organised such a grand event for us, said girls in Pulwama. After looking at this event, people will understand why the Kashmiri culture is so important for good living. We are going towards the Western side. We should not forget our own culture. It should be at the core of our hearts. Today’s programme is simply a confluence of multiple programmes, said Dr Basharat Qayoom, DC Pulwama. The theme of the programme is Jashn-e- Chillai Kalan. We are celebrating our culture. We are looking back at the past year and welcoming the coming year, said the DC Pulwama. Artists, officers and participants have gathered here to celebrate this event, said the DC of Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir.

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