Jantroon Snow Festival-2024 captivates thousands in Doda

DODA, MARCH 10: The Jantroon Snow Festival 2024, held in Doda district, enchanted hundreds with its breathtaking scenery and proved a resounding success.
In the backdrop of snow-covered mountains, attendees were immersed in the serene beauty of nature, creating a truly magical atmosphere. The festival served as a vibrant celebration of the unique culture and traditions of the Jantroon people.
Attendees were treated to a plethora of activities including performances, music, dances, volleyball matches, kabaddi, and other games, all of which showcased the rich heritage of the region.
In addition to the lively festivities, the snow festival also featured art and craft exhibitions, providing a platform to local artisans to display their talent and creativity.
Organized by the civil society sub-division Thathri in collaboration with the district administration Doda, the event received widespread acclaim.
The presence of esteemed guests, including Deputy Commissioner Harvinder Singh, underscored the importance of promoting local culture and tourism in the region.
Joined by District Development Council Chairman Dhananter Singh Kotwal, DDC Vice Chairperson, ASP Operation, DDC members, SDM, social organizations, NGOs, and locals, the festival fostered a sense of unity and pride among residents of Thathri, Kahara, Chiralla, Gandoh, Bhaderwah, Doda, and surrounding areas.
The participation of DC Doda signaled government support and commitment to community initiatives, encouraging local engagement and strengthening bonds within the community. Overall, the Jantroon Snow Festival 2024 provided a wonderful opportunity for people to come together, enjoy themselves, and gain a deeper understanding of the Jantroon people and their cherished traditions.

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