Jammu | LG Manoj Sinha Emphasises Equal Allocation of Resources | Encourages Positive Change

Jammu | LG Manoj Sinha Emphasises Equal Allocation of Resources | Encourages Positive Change I can say that with the 73rd and 74th amendment of the Constitution, despite late implementation, we have transferred funds, functions and functionary to Jammu and Kashmir better than any other state in the country, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. I think you guys have enhanced the development work by saving values, I congratulate you all with all my heart, LG said. The twenty-first century has become a symbol of aspiration for the citizens of the country. The feeling of self-confidence and cooperation is becoming stronger among the citizens of the entire country. And the citizens of the country are no longer in a position to tolerate discrimination, LG stated. Due to the leadership shown by the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi, with the provision of resources and hope that urban planning, building byelaws, green infrastructure and affordable houses are being available in the country. Jammu is also moving in this direction. It is true that the people of Jammu still sometimes feel that we were discriminated against for a long time. They need to get out of this mindset, LG said. I want to say one thing with great responsibility that now no matter whether the budget of any department is made or not made, Jammu cannot get a single paisa less than Kashmir. I am saying this on record, LG said. The previous system has now ended. Yes, some people feel that if old discrimination can be fulfilled within three years then this is also not possible, LG said. Whenever there is good governance then understand that the people will never oppose it. Decisions have to be taken and should be taken. There are some people who oppose it. And they never want good governance to be established anywhere or good system to be maintained anywhere. Whenever such decisions are taken in the country, it is for the public good, LG added. In the coming time, elections should be held soon so that the elected representatives can give the full benefit of their wisdom and capability to Jammu city in solving the problems of the people. At today’s event, I express my gratitude for your contribution to the ease of living in an urban society with a deep commitment towards development.

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