Jammu & Kashmir Hosts Intellectual Property Rights Conclave | LG Emphasises On Economic Growth

Jammu & Kashmir Hosts Intellectual Property Rights Conclave | LG Emphasises On Economic Growth You all have together organised a two-day conclave on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), an important topic of the current economic world, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. I hope that this session will guide the SME inventors and innovators in the right way so that they can use intellectual property as a vital instrument for their development. What is needed today is that we accelerate growth with all our might to realise the goal of Creative India, Innovative India, LG stated. Let us work together with the vision of making India’s knowledge economy the world’s leading economy and give as much importance to intellectual property as we give to tangible assets. I understand that this has already started under the guidance of the Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. In 2013-14, country’s total number of patent registrations in the country was only four thousand two hundred and fifty, in this financial year, the number has crossed forty one thousand patent registrations. It is the need of the hour to personally utilise the wealth of Jammu and Kashmir for the rapid development of the general public, IPR Holding Company and the public community. Be it trademark, design, patent, copyright or copyright, it is very important to use all these for economic growth. Innovation and intellectual property should be protected so that both direct and indirect benefits can be helpful in revenue generation. Naturally, the economic system can be transformed by promoting innovation. Therefore, IP should not be considered as a normal registration process, but rather as a supporting instrument for the development of a sustainable economic system and a guardian of the knowledge economy, LG said. I am happy that today all the stakeholders are working together to find a new way not only for IP registration and their protection but also to discuss the product strategy, communication strategy, pricing strategy and distribution strategy, said the Lt Gov Manoj Sinha.

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